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Briefing Note

The purpose of this note is to clarify the provisions of the legislation for the protection of personal data, in particular with regard to the rights of the interested parties and the methods for their protection. In this sense, we inform all those who access our website that:

  1. During the consultation of our web pages, it is possible that information and personal data are collected through the voluntary compilation of forms present on the website, by means of the action of stored files, temporarily or permanently on your hard-disk (cd. Cookies) and thanks to the use of other software components downloaded or activated while browsing (e.g. ActiveX components). The data thus collected will be processed by us in order to:

1.1 acquiring requests for reservations on behalf of our hotel facilities;

1.2 carry out the payment transactions related to point 1.1;

1.3 provide information or promotional material related to our business or to our hotel accommodation facilities, also with the help of electronic communication tools (e.g. fax, email, sms etc.);

1.4 collect statistics on site consultation;

1.5 speed up, improve or customize the level of service to users. The collected data may be stored both in electronic and paper format and will be processed by us in compliance with all the measures provided for by the law to protect the rights of the interested parties. This information and the guarantees connected to it apply exclusively to the website and to the parts of it that may be hosted on the websites of our hotel facilities. Access to other sites through links that may be present, for reasons of utility or facilitation of navigation, on our web pages or on those of the host sites involves exiting our site. In no way we are responsible for the data processing practices of these linked sites, nor of the other parts of the host sites that go beyond our applications.

2) The provision of data is optional; any refusal to provide such data or disabling the use of cookies or other components could on the one hand make it impossible for us to process the requests made and, on the other, a not entirely correct functionality of the site.

3) The data collected will be processed exclusively by the company staff in charge of this. They may be communicated to the structures whose services you wish to use, as well as to all those subjects to whom it is necessary to communicate such data in order to make reservations or for legal obligations.

4) The Data Controller is ALKIMIA s.r.l. – Via Caduti di Cefalonia 2 – Bologna. To assert his rights, he can refer to articles 15 et seq. of EU Regulation 679/2016; any reports can be communicated to the hotel by e-mail or telephone.